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Uses of Coal

(1) In its raw or natural condition coal is used to warm buildings, produce steam to run locomotives and stationary engines, etc.

(2) Converted into coke, with it we smelt iron and other metals, warm buildings, etc.

(3) With the gas taken out of it, we illuminate towns, light buildings and cook.

(4) Our gas works yield ammonia water, sulphuric acid, and oil of vitriol. But what shall be said of the tar? From this nasty, sticky, black substance, ingenious chemical treatment produces naphtha, various oils and pitch; out of these are derived carbolic acid, paraffin, smelling salts, spirits of hartshorn, turpentine, vaseline, quinine, perfumes, a host of beautiful dyes, a substance two hundred and eighty times as sweet as cane sugar, and many other useful articles.